In an era of big tech competition, global manufacturing and artificial intelligence, a robust intellectual property strategy is critical to protecting your company's investments in products and technology.

Van Hoven PC draws upon decades of experience in developing and managing patent portfolios ranging from startups' first “omnibus” filings to global portfolios having hundreds of assets to deliver bespoke intellectual property strategies that are cost-effective while properly balancing patent and trade secret rights.

In addition to drafting and prosecuting U.S. Patent Applications, we also work with trusted foreign associates to obtain worldwide rights in jurisdictions that are critical to your manufacturing and customer base.

For trade secrets, we help companies identify core trade secrets and implement appropriate contractual and technical measures to maintain trade secrecy.

IP Counsel Services

All technology companies need appropriate intellectual property policies and systems. We have worked with dozens of companies from startups to unicorns, from manufacturers to fabs, and from consumer product companies to Silicon Valley stalwarts.

Whatever the company type or size, Van Hoven PC will work with your management and in-house legal team to assess and improve intellectual property portfolios and processes.